02 June 2009

Diskeeper is now more affordable than ever in SA

Submitted by: Charl
{pp}With the exchange rate improving considerably, companies now have the opportunity to buy Diskeeper at aproximately 20% less.

With the recent annoucement that Diskeeper has reached the 35 million licences sold mark, its a clear indication that they are the market leader in reliability and performance technologies, keeping your servers and workstations operating at their peak.

Diskeeper is the world's top selling and performing disk defragmenter. Not only does Diskeeper keep your servers and workstations free from fragmentation which cripples system performance, it does it invisibly, in the background with NO overhead on system resources, thanks to their revolutionary InvisiTasking technology.

The South African economy is not nearly as badly affected as the global economic meltdown. Our market indicators are good and the reduced fuel price and stronger Rand are testimony of this. Because our pricing of Diskeeper is directly linked to the exchange rate, the stronger Rand means that Diskeeper will now cost you a lot less.

To add to the fact that the purchasing of Diskeeper is now more affordable, there are benefits beyond just the purchase price. These include:

  • Diskeeper 2009 works in the background with no impact on users resources, allowing them to keep productivity as high as possible due to fragmentation levels being at close to zero.
  • Fragmented hard drives drain critical system resources and compromise almost every aspect of daily computing. Diskeeper handles fragmentation as it occures preventing time consuming debug cycles, allowing production to remain high.
  • Automatic defragmentation software minimises the administrative cost of managing and the downtime to implement your defragmentation policy allowing system administrators to concentrateon other vital tasks. And if the company uses external services for its help-desk, using Diskeeper will directly reducecontract costs.
  • Diskeeper reduces the disk head's activity, saving the hard disks from being damaged too quickly. This in turn canextend the life of a disk up to 3years, reducing expensive replacement costs.
  • Diskeeper also reduces electricity usage because of reduced ard disk activity. This coupled with the extened PC life and reduced replacement frequency makes Diskeeper a "green" product

You can obtain a free trial version of Diskeeper 2009 at www.velisa.co.za/diskeeper.html or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Download Diskeeper 2009 today and see for yourself how vital it is to your company. Organisations such as the NIA, Multichoice and the SARB are already using Diskeeper. Fight the economic crisis and start saving your company money TODAY!

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