14 November 2009

Green is the colour of life

Submitted by: Charl
{pp}Our planet has limited resources and with the exploding population these resources are being diminished at an exponential rate. One thing is certain: our population will continue to grow… but what do we do about our earth’s resources and global warming?

It’s a given that we will continue to reproduce… its part of the survival function of our race. Our environment is being spent at an alarming rate. Global warming is rising exponentially partly due to a lack of education on our part. Nature always finds a balance but in the case of global warming that balance is going to be found somewhere where we are no longer part of the picture. What can we do?

For a start, lets all become responsible and accountable for the impact we have on the environment. You could live without electricity and home comforts and resort to using a bicycle instead of a car but that is not very practical to the man on the street. Or… we could adapt our lifestyles to be more eco-sensitive without cutting our earthly comforts.

Here are some adaptations we could make:

  • Install solar water heating systems. Not only will you reduce your electricity bill but will also be part of the green movement.
  • See what appliances you could run off solar power. Get a solar power station and run basic things around the house for free using the abundant sun energy available.
  • Reduce your water and sewage usage. Fit basin aerators and shower adaptors which will reduce the amount of water used by up to 50% without any loss in comfort to you. Doing this will also directly reduce your water heating requirements. Also, install a water saving unit in your toilet cistern like Save-A-Flush to reduce the amount of water being flushed away by up to 5%.
  • Use a fuel combustion enhancer in your vehicles which will drastically reduce emissions and reduce your fuel consumption by 10-20%. The long term benefit is a longer lasting engine too.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs. Why use a 100W bulb when a 15W CFL lamp will give you adequate lighting?

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