18 February 2015

Fuel Theft: The unseen and unknown

Submitted by: Charl
Fuel Theft: The unseen and unknown

While the fuel price has dropped in recent months, it still remains a valuable commodity, call it "liquid gold". Not only is it valuable to you but it is also valuable to thieves who steal it and sell it cheaply.

One would like to trust employees but unfortunately, with the economy in its current state, the basic motivation of people is to survive and if surviving means siphoning off 20L of fuel along the road every few days and selling it for R100, they will do it. The problem is, as a fleet owner, you can only dedicate limited time to playing the policeman game and in all honesty, if your truck holds 500L of fuel and 20L is stolen along the way, you will probably not even detect a problem, but right there is an unknown and unseen cost to you. Imagine losing 20L per filling to theft. What is this cost to you?

One could install cameras on the cab of your truck to pick it up but that would mean reviewing footage daily which requires time and effort... something a busy executive can't often do. The ultimate solution is to remove the temptation where measures are taken to make it nearly impossible to steal.

The Diesel Guard range of products will take the pain out of theft for you with a complete solution including protection for the filler neck, special drain plugs, hose and sender unit covers and even solutions to cover clamps. All Diesel Guard products are made to the highest possible quality specifications and are robust. Clients have reported that even in instances where thieves try and siphon diesel in remote areas from their plant, they struggle to break the units even with a crowbar and eventually give up.

Visit http://www.velisa.co.za/index.php/products/logistical-savings/diesel-guard to watch an introduction video on the Diesel Guard range of products. 100% Proudly South African innovation for Africa, Diesel Guard will ensure that your fuel remains where it should be... in the tank.

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