06 August 2014

Gaining a competitive edge in logistics, mining or construction

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Gaining a competitive edge in logistics, mining or construction  

The cost of providing logistical services is constantly on the rise and is expected to continue to do so. Labour costs, tyres, parts, toll fees, competition, regulations and the increasing pressure on companies to reduce emissions will never decrease. The question is, how much more can you cut to stay in the green band of finances and guarantee you will still be operating in 5-10years?  

Today’s environment shows that the cost of fuel is the biggest input to daily operations and becomes an expense as soon as you touch the key, before the wheels even start rolling. The cost of fuel is also constantly rising, faster than other inputs. It doesn’t stop there as the value of fuel has now become such that it is also a target for theft.  

We at Velisa Agencies have a long standing relationship with two major suppliers in addressing both fuel combustion efficiency as well as fuel theft prevention.  

Firstly, we are able to offer clients considerable savings in the usage of fuel by enhancing the combustion properties of it by adding the revolutionary Naf-Tech product. Savings of up to 20% have been achieved in trucks and in some cases up to 25% savings in generators with this nano-fuel technology. It is a fact that fuel which combusts properly also performs better and eases the strain on your injection system since fuel in its native state was never designed to completely combust which causes efficiency issues not to mention reduced engine life. In burning better, emissions are also greatly reduced and the power which an engine was designed to deliver is now attainable. The product has been extensively tested and proven not to damage engine components. For the peace of mind of the client, it is also backed by a considerable international insurance policy in the event that any damage is caused by the product. Our reach currently spans South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia with strategic support in cross-border regions. Applications include mining, road freight, agriculture, construction and others. More information is available at http://www.velisa.co.za/index.php/products/logistical-savings/fuel.

Secondly, we put a stop to diesel theft through the Diesel Guard range of products. These units are made to fit perfectly to almost any application and consist of a complete solution for the filler neck, drain plugs, hose and sender unit covers and more. Fitting the Diesel Guard range lets your fuel in and not out into the wrong hands. All Diesel Guard products are made to the highest possible quality and we guarantee customer satisfaction. For a short video, have a look at http://www.velisa.co.za/index.php/products/logistical-savings/diesel-guard.  

Both the Naf-Tech and Diesel Guard products are proudly South African. We are registered importers and exporters and are also SADC registered. Contact us today for more information and allow us to do an analysis of your operations and fine tune your fuel spend and efficiency.  

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