22 April 2010

Advertise your tunnel farming services FREE on TunnelFind

Submitted by: Charl
{pp}TunnelFind is a brand new online resource aimed at people wanting to know more about tunnel farming and sustainable, "green" farming. We are offering free listings for anyone who supplies anything to do with tunnels.

Tuesday 20th April 2010 saw the launch of a brand new website called TunnelFind. On our first official day of being public, the website saw just under 1600 page views which is a clear indicator of the need for such a resource. This website is operated by Velisa Agencies which has for the past few years insisted on "green" business practices. Tunnel farming could be considered the most green type of food production known.

The website offers a variety of services. Firstly, an information base for anyone interested in tunnel farming and starting their own business. Secondly, it is an online directory where the man on the street can find suppliers of tunnel products and all related services, be it an environmental consultant, a tunnel supplier or even an electronics supplier of telemetry systems to reduce your operating costs. Thirdly, there is a smalls section where anyone can advertise anything they want for FREE. Lastly, we offer a directory service for anyone wanting to be permanently listed on the website in a specific category. These listings range from FREE to a full-on listing with video links, documents, brochures and images. The rates are very affordable.

So this brings me to the BEST part. ALL listings in the "Premium Listing" category are 100% FREE for a period of 3 months. You will get great online exposure, which is the way of the business world these days, to potentially millions of people. There is no catch with this... you create a Premium Listing, get listed, showcase your business for 3 months at NO charge and after the 3 months, you can decide to either continue your listing for a nominal fee OR downgrade to a totally free listing... no obligation!

Visit www.tunnelfind.co.za NOW and claim your FREE listing.

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