02 February 2010

How Diskeeper software can enhance system performance and reliability

Submitted by: Charl
{pp}Diskeeper Corporation's Diskeeper product has for years been leading the performance and reliability technologies industry. Their latest release of Diskeeper 2010 includes new and exclusive technology called IntelliWrite which prevents up to 85% of fragmentation before it even occures.

Every system, every network, every company suffers from the effects of fragmentation. Eliminating fragmentation is vital to maximize system performance and reliability. Fragmentation has historically been addressed after it has already occurred (defragmentation). The more automated, immediate and invisible that defragmentation
process, the better.

However, when fragmentation occurs, the system is wasting precious I/O resources by writing non-contiguous files to scattered free spaces across the disk. The best strategy is to prevent he problem from ever happening in the first place and always work with a clean, fast disk.

Just like an up-to-date anti-virus product prevents a virus from affecting the system, Diskeeper 2010® performance technology includes exclusive IntelliWrite™ technology which revents fragmentation (up to 85% of it) from being written to the hard drive and impeding our system’s performance.

IntelliWrite is an advanced file system driver that leverages and improves upon modern Windows’ file system “Best Fit” file write design in order to write a file in a non-fragmented state. Intelligently writing contiguous files to the disk provides four principal benefits above and beyond defragmentation, including:

  • Prevents most fragmentation before it happens
  • Better file write performance
  • An energy friendly approach to improving performance
  • Better compatibility and interoperability with other storage management solutions

Diskeeper 2010 provides graphics that show, at a glance, a daily and real-time approximation of how many file fragments this new technology prevents. Historical data regarding IntelliWrite is also available for long term trend analysis.

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