03 July 2009

Great discounts on green products for July

Submitted by: Charl
{pp}Velisa Agencies cc is celebrating a "new look" website by offering discounts in the month of July on all green products. Take a look at what we have to offer. Not only are our products green but can save your company money.

The 1st July 2009 saw the release of our new website. The website sports a totally new look which is not only easy on the eye but also easy to navigate to help you find the perfect "green" product for you. So, what do we have to offer you?

Diskeeper: The world's top defragmentation application keeping servers and workstations operating at their peak with no over-head on system resources thanks to InvisiTasking. This software is critical to anyone wanting to keep their systems working reliably, reducing help-desk calls for fragmentation related issues and reducing IT costs. Green software.Spin offs are: reduced electricity consumption; fewer expensive upgrades for failing systems and less waste in the environment because of the extended life of infrastructure. Free trialware.

Undelete: Protect and recover files quickly and easily. It acts as a safety net for all your files on servers and workstations. It also has version protection for your MS Office files. Thanks to InvisiTasking, there is no drain on valuable system resources, requiring no extra electricity to work. Free trialware.

Naf-Tech: This unique fuel combustion enhancer adds "vooma" to your fleet, reduces emissions by up to 80% and reduces fuel consumption by 10-20%. It is one of the very few products that do not nullify your warrantees. It is very economical as only 2ml per litre of fuel is required, petrol and diesel. Can you imagine your fleet cutting its fuel bill by 10%?

Velisa Lift: Ever had a small job to do like painting a filling station canopy, tree felling or putting up signage? Hate the job of errecting scaffolding? The Velisa Lift is for you! It is a lift built onto a trailer which is hydraulically operated by a battery operated motor... no emissions, quick and easy setup and the convenience of towing it wherever you need it. The next model is under construction now and we are offering a limited time discount of 7%.

Diesel Guard: If you have a vehicle that runs on fuel and it it not under your personal and constant supervision, you will undoubtably have fuel theft. Diesel Guard puts a stop to this with their unique and patented products. We have the full range of solution, from the filler neck and non-removable drain plugs to automatic discharge units and sender unit covers. Contact us for a quotation.

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Take advantage of our special offers, contact us today! By supporting us, you will experience the best customer service in the southern hemisphere and you will be doing something to contribute to a cleaner environment.

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