26 June 2023

Sports Business Summit to return in 2023

Submitted by: Gerrit Davids
Sports Business Summit to return in 2023

The long-running Sports Indaba has undergone a name change and it will be staged on 2 November 2023 as the Sports Business Summit, and it will retain much of its content and structure of previous years with a few new additions, in store for delegates.

The Summit will primarily focus on the challenges faced by the sports industry and how to manage it sustainability in a highly disrupted economy where it competes with many other forms of lifestyle, consumer, and entertainment events.

Managing the modern-day sports organisation is no longer an approach where demands on administrators and executives can continue as something which could be done on a part-time basis since it now demands their attention 24/27 for 365 days a year.

The Summit will unpack those strategies which have proven to make a real impact through leadership from the ground up, while the upskilling of administrators and executives, has become an item, which sits on top of the priority list to ensure the continued sustainability of any sports organisation.

Various sports industry thought leaders will speak and participate in the highly interactive panels planned for the Summit, and some of the topics for debate will include the demands of managing both amateur and professional sports, alongside each other, respectively.

The promotion of women in sports organisations to key decision-making positions, is no different from the demand within the broader society, to design deliberate strategies for creating parity in sports boardrooms, per se.

The agenda will also feature a debate around the cost to stage major events and tournaments, which has always been a severe challenge for sports organisations to find the right balance between the cost of participation and spectator attendance, respectively.

The advent of the plethora of digital and online channels through which sports organisations can now reach their members, athletes, and supporters alike, will be another key debating point in terms of the reach and effectiveness of marketing and communication campaigns.

In addition to tackling all the current hot topics in the sports business industry, the Summit will conclude with the inaugural Sports Business Awards, which will bestow accolades on those administrators and executives for their selfless contribution towards the future sustainability of sports in general.

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