10 July 2023

Engage your market with 60-second videos

Submitted by: Gerrit Davids

The future of consumer engagement through video call chats has arrived for brands to create highly interactive and engaging conversations with their customers.

The SuperQuickQuestion (SQQ) video call platform was recently successfully used by PepsiCo prior to the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester City and Inter Milan, in Istanbul, Turkey.

PepsiCo arranged for Brazilian superstar Anitta (64 million Instagram followers), to host close to 20 lucky fans in a one-hour-long video chat, wherein each fan had sixty seconds only, to ask her the question, they've always wanted to ask.

PepsiCo's brief was very clear in that they wanted, "A fun, innovative, and efficient way to excite her fans, engage their own followers, and humanize one of the world’s biggest pop stars". 

The metrics of the activation surpassed all of PepsiCo's expectations, since once the campaign to win a lucky spot to chat with Anitta was launched via its and her social channels, news of the activation spread like wildfire.

Overall, "The activation brought more than 10K+ clicks on the registration page and 2283 sign-ups in just 24 hours for an amazing 23+% conversion rate"

"Most of the traffic came from Anitta's Instagram stories, with some also coming via @PepsiGlobal Twitter and Instagram accounts"

Both PepsiCo and Anitta's teams, "Were equally thrilled about how well it went – she called SQQ "so cute and fun,” and everyone onsite gushed about the experience, from the ease of use to the efficiency of conversation to the spontaneous joy that can only come from the once-in-a-lifetime fan experience of meeting your hero."

A post-activation review by the video chat platform itself reveals that "Within just a few hours, we turned around a dynamic video highlight reel to showcase the best moments from this event, which @PepsiGlobal posted on Twitter and Facebook".

"In fact, the two tweets by @PepsiGlobal about SQQ (one promoting the event and another one posting the highlights reel) resulted in the two highest organic view totals of any tweets in 2023 posted by @PepsiGlobal".

Here are some of the quotes from the lucky fans who were selected to have a one-on-one video chat with Anitta:

- “Thank you so much, that was an amazing experience!”

- “I can't believe I actually just spoke to the Queen of Brazil". 

- “I couldn’t be thankful enough”

- “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

- “An opportunity for normal people to engage in the fan experience...”

The key takeaways from this activation are:-

- Pepsi and its agency loved adding meaningful engagement and a personal touch.UEFA, its agency, Anitta, and her team all raved about connecting one-on-one with her fans.

- Conversions were unusually high, and the 20 chosen fans were elated.

- Activation-related tweets marked 2023 highs for the @PepsiGlobal Twitter page.

- Pepsi and UEFA immediately began discussing future SQQ activations.

- SQQ delivered a list of 2263 engaged fans, who registered but weren't selected, which could be used by PepsiCo for follow-up outreach and targeted marketing.

Other recent users of the video chat platform include Macallan Whiskey, up-and-coming popstar Savanna Leigh, the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), Wrexham FC, the Nashville Predators, Chicago Bulls, and the French Ligue 1, just to mention a few.

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