20 November 2023

Eli Buekes Releases 'Chommies' Surf Movie

Submitted by: Craig Jarvis
Eli Buekes Releases 'Chommies' Surf Movie

Cape Town surfer Eli Beukes has delivered his best surfing video yet. Filmed in and around South Africa, with the lion's share of filming duties attributed to his dad and Alan Van Gysen, the movie Chommies is a remarkable demonstration of this soft-spoken regular footer's surfing talent.

One thing that might have been mentioned about the Long Beach surfer in the past is that he sometimes needs more confidence. Those asides are gone as he pulls off some intense airs and glides through endless metres of churning barrels to display overwhelming determination and tenacity in his surfing.

 Eli and his chommies score some ridiculous waves, including several of his favourite waves around Cape Town and the West Coast. He also lucks into Donkey Bay, and the right-hand barrels they score at all-time Mozambique clearly explains why the call that wave the African Kirra.

His chommies are Brendon Gibbens and Luke Slijpen, who accompany Eli, riding endless metres of spinning water in the barrel fest of Donkey Bay and Mozambique. They are also highly adept at air moves and keep impressing as the movie progresses.

As Stab Magazine said in their review, "It's yet another testament to South African surfers, a reminder that if one can brave the elements, the big fish and a debilitating currency exchange rate, good things can happen. Consider this Eli's humble brag." 

Eli has the complete package, and he is also quite delighted when taking gnarly drops at chunky and unforgiving slabs. The movie also has a rocking soundtrack to go with all the charging. Check the 15-minute film here - Chommies.

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