09 July 2024

Nando's Spices Up Roast of Democrazy with Secret Ingredient

Submitted by: Nicole Felix

Bekushubile eLyric Theatre when Skhumba, Loyiso Gola, Chester Missing, John Vlismas, David Kau, and others took aim at Mzansi at the Comedy Central Roast of Democracy in partnership with Nando’s recently. Nando's, renowned for its cheeky and chic style and knack for social commentary, served up more than the usual this time. During the Comedy Central Roast celebrating 30 years of Democracy or "Democrazy," they pulled a clever one that had everyone chuckling – especially those fluent in sign language.

As comedians skewered Mzansi’s democracy with rapid-fire jabs and combos, drawing laughs from the audience, a sign language interpreter wove a different comedic narrative. What seemed like a straightforward translation was actually a hidden menu item – an inside joke filled with puns and quips that only the Deaf community could truly savour, courtesy of sign language interpreter Andiswa Gebashe.

This wasn't merely a sprinkle of inclusivity; Nando's went all out, offering the Deaf community a hearty serving of laughter. Gebashe, a comedic personality with lightning-fast hands, seamlessly blended the original roasts with bespoke sign language jokes. It was a double dose of entertainment, ensuring Deaf viewers didn't just watch but actively participated in an inside exchange.

Nando's decision to embrace sign language humour wasn't an offhand remark. It's part of their ongoing mission to champion diversity and accessibility, proving that humour can be as spicy as their brand. By acknowledging the unique cultural and linguistic nuances of the Deaf community, they've set a new standard for entertainment that goes beyond mere amusement. It's a testament to their commitment to  giving fired up experiences seasoned with Nando's signature sauce that tickles not only your taste buds but also your funny bone.

Nando’s collaboration with Comedy Central is an example of their innovative spirit. They haven't just expanded the comedy menu; they've emphasized the importance of making entertainment accessible to everyone. As brands strive to connect with diverse audiences, Nando's demonstrates how it's done: with creativity, heart, and a sprinkle of that secret sauce that keeps us all coming back for more.

Nando's has reminded us that laughter is a universal language, even when delivered with perfectly timed hands. Here's to more initiatives like this because with Nando's leading the charge, the future of entertainment looks brighter (and funnier) than ever.

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