09 July 2024

Empact Group celebrates Mandela Day by empowering learners with formulas and illustrations that visually enhance Maths education

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Empact Group celebrates Mandela Day by empowering learners with formulas and illustrations that visually enhance Maths education

Empact Group, a purpose-led, 100% South African-owned company, celebrated Mandela Day by contributing to the enhancement of maths education in partnership with the Maths Centre. As part of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) efforts, their dedicated teams of staff volunteers visited schools across three regions to inspire and engage young minds through the vibrant world of mathematics.

In alignment with this year’s Mandela Day theme, teams of Empactors transformed classrooms with creative maths formulas and illustrations designed to make maths both engaging and accessible for learners. By integrating visual aids into the learning environment, we aim to spark curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts among students.

Our initiatives will be spread across several schools which are part of Maths Centre:

  • KwaZulu-Natal: Volunteers will bring their artistic talents to Wiggins Secondary School.
  • Cape Town: The team will spend the day enhancing the learning spaces at Norma Primary School.
  • Gauteng: Our teams will be deployed across three schools—Tlama Tlama Primary School, Welamlambo Primary School, and Seotloana Primary School.

Sharanjeet Shan, CEO of Maths Centre, highlighted the transformative impact of such initiatives: “Having Empact Group’s volunteers here is truly a blessing. When students can see visual representations of complex formulas and mathematical illustrations, it makes these concepts more tangible and easier to grasp. Maths Hubs lead to better engagement by learners and can assist in improving their academic performance, boosting their confidence to help them see the prevalence of Mathematics in all STEM subjects. STEM education is crucial in lifting families out of poverty and giving children a fair shot at a brighter future via access to higher education. These volunteers are not just painting math formulas; they are painting possibilities and hope for our learners.”

Empact Group’s commitment to community engagement and educational support is deeply rooted in their company philosophy of ‘Doing Right By You’. It echoes the belief that by giving back and supporting the educational journey of young learners, we can make a significant impact on their future and our collective progress as a society.

“Our philosophy of ‘Doing Right By You’ guides every aspect of our business, from our services to our community engagements. This Mandela Day, we are proud to continue our tradition of making a positive impact by enriching the educational experiences of learners. We are not just painting walls; we are painting a brighter future for the students,” said Alan Quinn, CEO of Empact Group.

Through these actions, Empact Group reaffirms its dedication to the communities we serve and our ongoing support for educational initiatives that empower and uplift.

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