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Scalable Technology Is The Future Of Innovation

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Current technological developments are exerting increasing pressure on our daily lives and the way in which we work. This has the added impact of driving innovation and growing competition. If your company can innovate faster than its competitors, then it can gain a competitive advantage while meeting customer expectations and increasing revenue.

Ultimately, your business processes are directly linked to the ability of your company technology to support your productivity. If you are looking at developing your business further, then your technology, and the support of that technology, must also be scalable.

What is Scalable Technology?

Scalable technology requires anticipation of future market demands and the ability to meet those demands without having to re-engineer your existing processes. In terms of IT, it needs to be flexible enough to grow with your company, encompassing not only the number of users but also new product lines, services and markets.

Cost-Effective Scalable Solutions

Developing a digital transformation strategy can involve a significant investment, but it doesn’t have to be with fully-managed IT services from a professional IT services provider. A top IT company, such as Westech, provides companies with professional, reliable IT support and managed IT services.

They offer meticulous planning and in-depth research to find the right solution at a competitive price for your company, saving your business time and the additional workload pressure on existing staff. Their final solution will encompass all four pillars of digital transformation, namely;

  • engaging with customers;
  • empowering employees;
  • optimising business operations; and
  • transforming your product or service.

Considerations for Maximising IT Technology

Through maximising your existing resources, Westech will help your company to achieve and maintain efficient production. One of the first considerations in planning your IT infrastructure involves determining a strategy of utilising on-site infrastructure or cloud infrastructure.

On-site infrastructure may initially seem more cost-effective until your business starts to grow faster than expected. In this instance, you will need to have planned for or invested in extra resources from the outset to handle the increasing workload without interruptions. If you haven’t planned for the additional resources, this can cause problems in terms of accessing and storing critical data. It also entails having to contract with a professional IT company to set up new equipment.

A flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution utilises cloud resources to add or remove utilities as the need arises quickly. The implementation of specific software, such as Microsoft Azure, allows users to access quick and scalable cloud computing infrastructure and can replace or enhance on-site servers. Microsoft Azure also provides access to virtual computing, analytics, networking and secure data storage.

For assistance with or further information about implementing scalable technology for your business success, contact Westech, South Africa’s preferred IT support and services partner with over 25 years of experience.

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