09 July 2024

Louise du Plessis: The Visionary Agent Behind Langebaan’s Most Expensive Property Sale Ever

Submitted by: Siya Ndzimande
Louise du Plessis: The Visionary Agent Behind Langebaan’s Most Expensive Property Sale Ever

In the scenic coastal town of Langebaan in the Western Cape of South Africa, a historic property has set a new benchmark in the local real estate market. Sold by eXp Realty agent Louise du Plessis, renowned for her expertise and dedication, this R20,000,000.00 sale marks the most expensive property transaction in the area. Louise’s journey, strategies, and the property’s unique aspects contribute to this remarkable achievement.

A Heritage Gem Transformed

Originally built in the late 1800s, this property was once owned by the Canestra family, who used it as a base for their fishing business in what was then a small village. "The house has remained largely untouched over the years, making it a heritage property," Louise explains. In 2018, she sold it to the current owners, who meticulously renovated it, transforming the three-bedroom cottage into a stunning six-bedroom home complete with a swimming pool. "They kept the heritage feel, making it a very unique home — one in a million," she adds. The renovations, completed in 2020, included three additional bedrooms separate from the main cottage, perfect for guests or extended family.

Finding the Perfect Buyer

Louise’s client had been searching for a unique beachfront property for a long time. Despite being in Hong Kong during most of the negotiation, Louise successfully managed the process via WhatsApp. "When you have a willing and able buyer and a motivated seller, it simplifies the negotiation," she notes. The official paperwork began when she returned to South Africa, emphasizing her preference for face-to-face interactions for significant transactions.

Overcoming Challenges

Louise’s primary challenge was being out of the country during the initial negotiations. "WhatsApp and video calls are amazing tools," she acknowledged, "but face-to-face meetings are still the best way to go for big transactions like this." Despite the challenge, she’s grateful for the ability to seamlessly facilitate an international deal using cloud-based tools. Upon returning to South Africa, she quickly closed the deal, showcasing her ability to overcome challenges while leveraging technology effectively.

The eXp Realty Advantage

Louise attributes a significant part of her success to her association with eXp Realty. "Being part of eXp has changed how I feel about real estate," she shares. The comprehensive tools and global marketing platform offered by eXp Realty have empowered her to confidently market the property on a global scale. "eXp offers unparalleled support with staff available 24/7, and a massive network of agents worldwide, making it easier to run my own business without the overhead costs of a traditional agency," she elaborates.

A Journey of Excellence

Louise’s career in real estate began in 1999 as a property photographer, eventually becoming an agent in 2000 with Seeff Properties in Constantia, Cape Town. After achieving numerous accolades, she moved to Langebaan in 2010. Following a brief sabbatical, she joined Sotheby’s in Langebaan before finding her ideal fit with eXp Realty in 2020. "The eXp model allows me to be a global player with a vast network of agents for a minimal monthly fee, without administrative hassles," she explains.

Strategies for Success in Luxury Real Estate

Louise believes in the importance of personal contact and delivering on promises. "Under promise and over-deliver," she advises. Her background in professional photography ensures that properties are presented in the best possible light, using modern technology like Matterport for virtual tours and drone footage to give buyers a comprehensive view of the home. "Respect the home and present it in the best possible light," she emphasizes. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence in conjunction with eXp’s cutting-edge technology and strong global network has helped Louise build a successful real estate business.

The Power of Networking

Networking plays a crucial role in Louise’s success. She credits Steven Johnstone, who introduced her to eXp Realty, and a real estate trainer whose course on working by referral highlighted the importance of personal connections. "Most of my property sales come from referrals or personal contacts," she notes, underlining the significance of building and maintaining professional relationships. One of the key benefits of eXp Realty is its collaborative nature and strong global network. As a cloud-based brokerage, agents have access to an online platform where they can connect with other agents, share advice and support, and even refer internally through eXp’s newly launched Global Agent Referral Platform.

eXp Realty

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