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A New POPIA Compliance Service For Private Healthcare Providers

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7 June 2021. Better Practice Management takes great pleasure in announcing a new service, launched to help healthcare providers achieve POPIA compliance in the shortest possible time.Given the tumultuous situation healthcare practitioners have been thrust into, they are all experiencing angst about the same thing: too much information, too much conflicting information, and no one helping them make sense of all that information.

Too many providers have been swamped with webinars, POPI-packs and printables, it’s sadly such a travesty that after spending money they can ill-afford right now, they and their staff still do not know what to do. What’s the first step, the second step, the third step and so on?

If you are a frazzled private practitioner, yet to take the first step, Fudley Bezuidenhout of Better Practice Management has created a short, easy-to-digest ebook designed to provide clarity and demystify your path to POPIA compliance. In this market feed-frenzy, perhaps importantly, the ebook is free, as in mahala!

Based on practical experience over the last few weeks, here’s how the POPIA Survival Guide For Healthcare Practices ebook will get you there:

Chapter 1: The POPI Act – How it impacts healthcare practices

Chapter 2: Walk through your practice like a patient

Chapter 3: Surviving the Regulator’s scrutiny

Chapter 4: Defining your actioning checklist

Chapter 5: How to handle adverse events

Chapter 6: Covering your ass

Chapter 7: POPIA Resources


Get it here:  https://docdent.co.za/help-with-popia-compliance

Advice you need, and guidance you can work with. 

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