19 June 2024

Rediscover your smile - natural and innovative tooth rejuvenation is here

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Rediscover your smile - natural and innovative tooth rejuvenation is here

Say goodbye to the worry and discomfort traditionally associated with dental procedures. In a remarkable leap forward, modern dentistry now embraces the latest digital technologies to restore teeth naturally, enhancing your smile beautifully.

Based in Cape Town, Dr. Sheryl Smithies, a renowned aesthetic dental surgeon, is pioneering these breakthrough techniques. "With digital tools, we can now design and refine treatments in 3D, ensuring you get the perfect outcome before the final mould is made," explains Dr. Sheryl. "Everything is mapped, measured, and produced digitally."

She explains that these innovations include better dental materials that last longer, are stronger, and give aesthetically pleasing results. Also, these modern techniques restore your teeth to their original structure without invasive procedures.

“As we age and as our lives get more stressful, we wear our teeth down and non-invasive dental bonding can help to rebuild your teeth back to their original height and protect them from wearing down again," she says. 

Dr. Sheryl shares her top five treatments: 

  1. Bone and gum health: Techniques like Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, bone grafting and collagen stimulation, enhance the health and stability of your gums and jawbone.
  2. Non-invasive bonding: Advanced resins and natural-looking bonds reshape and brighten your teeth without damaging them.
  3. Teeth whitening: Restore the natural brightness of your smile, often dulled by age and environmental factors, using safe and effective whitening treatments.
  4. Protective night guards: Prevent teeth grinding and jaw strain during sleep with custom-made night guards.
  5. Toxin for grinding: Toxin is another novel approach, relieving tension from teeth grinding while you sleep, and reducing jaw pain.

"Our goal is subtle yet effective enhancement. We aim for improvements that are so natural, they’re almost unnoticeable," Dr. Sheryl comments on her approach. 

Dr. Sheryl recommends regular dental care, including cleanings and whitening treatments every six months, to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Read more about transformative dental options, visit www.drsherylsmithies.com or Whatsapp +27 (0) 715345859. 

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