Thursday, 26 August 2021

Perkal Gifts releases a massive range of corporate and promotional uniforms

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Perkal Gifts, a leading supplier of corporate gifts in South Africa, has recently launched a massive range of corporate and promotional uniforms.

23 August 201, Johannesburg - With the third Covid wave almost over in South Africa, people are returning back to the workplace. According to reports over 31% of office workers had returned to the workspaces that they occupied before the COVID-19 pandemic.

While people were at home, working via zoom, how they dressed was not that important. Face-to-face interactions with clients and prospective clients and coworkers were far and few between. When clients did dress up for online meetings, the most they would do is buy choosing a fancy top or jacket.

Corporate clothing and corporate uniforms have shown that they can have an impact on a company’s cohesion and motivation.

Another important aspect of corporate clothing is that it can boost the branding of a company and it gives your employees the feeling of belonging and a sense of equality.

Another reason why dressing in corporate clothing is important in the business world is because you never know when you are required to meet with people outside of the company. Your image to a potential client needs to be professional. And this could be the difference between getting a deal or not.

Perkal Gifts have been a leader in the corporate clothing field for many years in South Africa. They supply hundreds of companies from large corporations to SME’s with their clothing needs. Perkal has a mass of range that is available on their website. The variations are endless and Perkal guarantee that they will beat any most written quotes.

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