29 July 2021

Perkal Promo Offers a Broad Selection of Corporate Gifts to Help Women Revel in the Luxury of Women’s Day 2021

Submitted by: Joshua Maraney
Perkal Promo Offers a Broad Selection of Corporate Gifts to Help Women Revel in the Luxury of Women’s Day 2021

South Africa, July 25 –  Perkal Promo continues to take great strides in the field of corporate gifts and corporate products and adds another leaf to its hat by providing great offers for this year’s Women’s Day, scheduled for Monday, 9 th August, 2021.

Perkal Promo takes great pride in its portfolio spanning over a period of fourteen years in which the company never missed a customer’s deadline. Perkal has a diverse and expansive list of corporate clientele that includes banks, government agencies, cellphone providers, advertising agencies and many of the top 40 companies listed on the JSE in South Africa.

Moreover, the company makes it easy for customers to navigate through their product range by publishing approximately ten catalogs every year. From laser engraving to screen printing, pad printing to digital embroidery, and embossing to sandblasting, Perkal is well equipped to organize the branding or any product a customer may choose and possesses the experience to guide customers to the best branding options depending on the product chosen and the brand they seek to promote.

About Perkal Promo

Perkal has held the highest pedestal in the country ever since its establishment in the industry of corporate gifts and promotional products. The company boasts a broad-spectrum range, inclusive of promotional gifts, corporate gifts, promotional clothing, corporate clothing, workwear, business gifts, drinkware, caps, luggage, bags, pens, folders, clocks, watches, calendars, diaries, torches, keyrings, umbrellas, powerbanks, notebooks, USBs, Mobile, PC & Tech gadgets and hampers. 

Office: +27104424714 
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Website: https://www.pgifts.co.za/
Postal address: P.O. Box 487, Highlands North, 2037, Johannesburg, South Africa

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