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GardenShop wins the Owl Award at BirdLife South Africa Owl Awards

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GardenShop wins the Owl Award at BirdLife South Africa Owl Awards

The garden retailer and nursery, GardenShop, was recently awarded an Owl Award at the BirdLife South Africa Owl Awards. Held at Beechwood Gardens, Hyde Park, on Thursday, 6 October, the award recognises sponsors for their contribution towards improving awareness, and promoting BirdLife South Africa’s conservation efforts.

The Owl Awards ceremony was created to acknowledge companies and individuals who contribute time and funds needed to continue BirdLife SA’s conservation efforts, and protect the country's birds and their habitats.

GardenShop was awardedfor its ‘Garden Birds’ range of bird feeders, food and nesting logs and ‘For the Birds!’ selection of bird-friendly plants. It was also recognised for its contribution towards establishing an outdoor living space at Isdell House, where an indigenous, waterwise and bird-friendly garden was created with bird conservation in mind. 

Deborah Hele, marketing manager, and Megan Slabbert, online marketing manager, of GardenShop received the award on behalf of CEO, Godfrey Budler. Budler commented, “BirdLife SA is important to GardenShop, wherein we have focused on the development of a bird-friendly range of plants and products for our gardeners. The bird feeders and plants contribute to attracting birds and other wildlife to gardens, and for this reason, are endorsed by Birdlife SA. But the real success can be attributed to those who seek to create sustainable gardens that benefit the environment, bio-diversity, and create a balanced environment that welcomes nature into their living space.”

GardenShop also donated garden furniture, soft furnishings, stepping stones and various containers for feature plants at BirdLife SA’s new ‘nesting’ headquarters, at Isdell House where there is now a permanent bird garden for visitors.

Mark Anderson, CEO of BirdLife SA, added, “The award is well-deserved, not only for GardenShop’s contribution to BirdLife SA, but for the holistic efforts towards sustaining the natural world. We extend our gratitude to GardenShop as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation, and hope this mutually-beneficial relationship continues for many years to come.” 

Anderson concluded, “A year after commencement, Isdell House has attracted more than 60 species of birds, of which 35 make regular use of the garden. GardenShop has contributed to this garden, and thus the contribution of biodiversity in an urban environment.”

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