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DMASA Launch the Data Protection Compliance Programme

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DMASA Launch the Data Protection Compliance Programme

The DMASA creates another, after the DNC (Do not contact database) that has protected both consumers and business for over five years. The DPCP meets the more stringent sections of POPIA and helps business navigate the path of corporeal compliance. An Africa first innovative initiative.

The DMASA Data Protection Compliance Programme is officially live!

The DMASA has recognized the need for its members to have access to practical compliance tools and through the deployment of this portal, members and non-members have access to a world-class e-learning portal, a self-help compliance document generator and the DMASA’s new Data Protection Compliance Programme.

Through this portal, the DMASA affords its members access to cost-effective resources which enable:

  • An effective online risk assessment process through registration on the DMASA’s DPCP.
  • Online training opportunities through the DMASA’s E-Learning Portal.
  • The generation of necessary compliance documentation using the automated document generator.

Is the DPCP programme certification applicable to my company?
Data sits at the core of most marketing activities. If your organisation is involved in the use, storage or transfer of personal data, customer, or prospecting data - DPCP programme is applicable to you.

The Benefits:

  • Simplicity: The DMASA Compliance Portal simplifies a member’s journey to comply.
  • Accessibility: The DMASA Compliance Portal enables quick, easy, and cost-effective access to both DMASA and industry-specific legal expertise.
  • Individualisation: Through registering on the DPCP, you can establish your specific data processing risk profile.
  • Advanced Learning Opportunities: The E-Learning Portal enables bulk learning opportunities for members and enables members to effectively train their employee base to ensure that they understand what their legal obligations are.

Practical Compliance: The document generation feature provides members with a cost-effective tool; this enables them to generate the documents which they need to establish practical compliance with prevailing data protection laws.

Direct Marketing Association of South Africa

The DMASA, a Section 21 company dedicated to the protection and development of the Interactive and Direct Marketing Industry.

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