Thursday, 08 February 2018

Thembu Royals Premier Business Magazine Launches

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Thembu Royals Magazine - February 2018 - Issue 1


We are the Royal Family of AbaThembu Nation. Our company Thembuland Royal Treasury Holdings Ltd is the Corporate Entity of Thembuland Royal Empire [The Nation of Thembu]. Our company’s main task is to Industrialize the Eastern Cape Province as it appears more fully on our website. We also provide Specialist Business Consulting Services as more fully set out on our website.

We are now launching a new magazine to expedite the Industrialization Program aforesaid, and mainly to create business mentality among our constituencies. Our constituencies are located in all 9 South African Provinces. The Thembu Royals Magazine will be a Premier South African Business Magazine of a very high caliber.

Our Target Market is the Business community at large across all sectors. The Thembu Royals Magazine will be an authority in Business Matters in South Africa. The aim of its content is to educate, inform, inspire and to give opportunities to the public about business matters at large. Specifically, how to run a successful business.The Thembu Royals Magazine will be released in phases, commencing with an online version on the 12th February 2018, followed by a print edition in on the 1st March 2018. It is anticipated that on release, the print Magazine version will be released and made available in all 9 South African Provinces during the course of March 2018.

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Director: Stakeholder Relations

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