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Wednesday, 20 May 2020 10:07

Together Apart: Towards Collective Youth Activism

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Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit

With the spread of the COVID - 19 pandemic and respective issues facing African youth, Breaking Down Borders Africa has decided to convene virtually during this Africa Month in order to again create a space where African youth can still engage on a collective and inclusive response to the pandemic.

Breaking Down Borders Africa (BDBA) is an African youth-led organisation that aims to provide a novel framework and platform for deliberation on African socioeconomic and development opportunities and challenges. We seek to co-create a new present (and future) for Africa by: offering a unique Forum – The BDBA Youth Summit -  for connecting and engaging young Africans on specific historic, social, political and economic issues relating to the continent; encouraging and promoting shared learning through combining experiences and capabilities, based on the understanding that African countries have an inextricably linked history and, as such, future or destiny. Breaking Down Borders Africa has previously hosted three summits that have successfully convened young people from 26 African countries and the diaspora, enabling them to connect, create co-learning opportunities, and write the future of Africa under various themes.

The virtual Summit will consist of a series of webinars, consultations and workshops. Furthermore, the Summit will include high profile speakers and respected experts who will engage on critical talks under various sub-themes from organizations such as APRM, Oxfam, the United Nations Girl Up Foundation to name a few. At the centre of the Summit will be Young African Leaders from more than 30 African countries and the diaspora who have been invited to take part in the summit.

The summit will take place every day from the 25th – 29th of May from 13:00 – 14:00. Registrations are open and can be done by visiting BDBA’s social media platforms.    

Instagram: @bdb_africa
Twitter: @BDB_Africa

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