18 March 2018

[FREE GUIDE] How To Obtain Matric When You Are Out Of School PRESS RELEASE

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[FREE GUIDE] How To Obtain Matric When You Are Out Of School PRESS RELEASE

Matric certificate has never been so important when one considers today’s job challenges. The demand for a Senior certificate has even seen very low skilled jobs such as house maids, gardening jobs and general labour jobs requiring one to have a matric certificate or at least a proof that they did Grade 12. This article serves to provide most of the people who are out of school with a solution which they might consider if they want to complete their matric.

This free PDF download or ebook provides detailed information on how one can obtain Technical Matric easy, faster and save them money depending on their individual situations. Read more about Technical matric below and how you can obtain this free ebook.

What is Technical Matric N3 Senior Certificate 

Technical Matric commonly known as N3 Matric is a Department of Higher Education and Technology (DHET) qualification accredited by the regulatory body Umalusi as an equivalent to a National Senior Certificate.

Technical Matric has an NQF level Level 4 according to South African Qualifications Framework (SAQA) same as the normal Senior Certificate. The Department of Higher Education and Technology has allowed this Senior Certificate to be offered in colleges. This has helped those who left school without a Matric certificate to still complete their Senior Certificate.Personal information of the student hidden for privacy purposes to obtain Technical Matric.

How to obtain Technical Matric

The qualification is obtained by completing four (4) N3 Technical subjects and adding Business English and Sake Afrikaans languages. The two languages are compulsory for anyone who wants to complete Technical Matric. 

The good news is there are no major requirements needed for one to study Technical Matric. However there is one condition that affects majority of people. For you to complete the Senior Certificate you need to pass two languages: Sake Afrikaans and Business EnglishAlso Technical Matric in general requires the following:

  • a mature person,
  • well-disciplined individual,
  • time-conscious person.

How to complete your Old Syllabus Matric

The Old syllabus ended in 2007 from being offered in normal day schools however it was moved to ABET schools and offered until 2014. The students who attended ABET from 2008 to 2014 wrote the Old syllabus.People who never completed their Old syllabus matric can still complete it if they add technical subjects. The Department of Education allows Technical subjects to be added to the old syllabus matric so that the individual can obtain their technical matric. Depending on the number of subjects an individual still needs to add to complete their matric, they can add technical subjects and combine them to obtain their Senior certificate.

Technical Matric exam times

Technical subjects are written in trimesters, meaning that the students can choose to write their subjects three times in a year. However languages are ONLY offered in the November exams.The terms are January to April, May to August and September to November.

How can you study for Technical Matric

Technical Matric can be studied through part-time and full-time classes. As Ekurhuleni Tech College, we are located in Krugersdorp, Westrand, Gauteng. If near then attending classes is possible. With contact classes you have more advantages of being tested on what you have learnt, asking questions where you are confused and also discipline of following up with your studies.

Technical Matric can also be studied through correspondence.Technical Matric through CORRESPONDENCE is currently the best way many people are now completing their matric. Technical Matric correspondence is whereby students are registered and supported with study material, past exam papers and assignments for their term mark.  

Are you one of the people needing Technical Matric

If you are one of the people needing to complete your matric you can do so with Ekurhuleni Tech College. Visit our website on www.ekurhulenitech.co.za or call us on 011 040 7343

To download the free ebook you can download it on the link below:


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