15 November 2023

Treverton College's First Orienteering and Rogaining Weekend

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Treverton College's First Orienteering and Rogaining Weekend

On the weekend of 10 November 2023, Treverton College organised its first orienteering and rogaining event. In the subject of Outdoor Pursuits, we do have the students doing these events, but this is the first one that was open to the public. Garry Townsend, the head of Outdoor Pursuits at Treverton, organised the event in collaboration with The South African Orienteering Federation and Richard Lund, who runs the federation.

Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long distance cross-country navigation, involving both route planning and navigation between checkpoints using a variety of map types. In a rogaine, teams of two to five people choose which checkpoints to visit within a time limit with the intent of maximising their score.

On Friday afternoon, 3 people did the 25-point rogaining event, and 4 people did the short 4.4km orienteering event, including our headmaster – Kean Broom. Both courses are on the school property, and the control points were put out on the property by the Outdoor Pursuits staff.

On Saturday morning, the pavilion was buzzing with activity, and the registration for the 2 events was very busy. Three people competed in the individual category of the short course Saturday, 2 teams of pairs and 9 teams of 4 people (mostly kids and a parent or two) also competed. Families from Howick and the surrounding area and the Scouts came to try and have a great day outside!

Daniel Jonck in Grade 11 from Treverton came first on the long course in 1 hour and 27 minutes. The long course is approximately 12.5km. Five other competitors took part in the long course, including Travers Pellew a teacher at Treverton College and Andy Jennings from the Prep school with his son Caleb Jennings. It was an amazing day out and we look forward to hosting more events.

For further information please visit http://treverton.co.za

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