07 July 2021

International Pro Cycling Team Qhubeka NextHash chooses Biodx for COVID protection

Submitted by: Kerry
International Pro Cycling Team Qhubeka NextHash chooses Biodx for COVID protection

In an effort to make sure leading South African registered international cycling Team Qhubeka NextHash are protected during the Tour de France and beyond, Biodx has signed a partnership agreement to supply the team with disinfectants for hands, surfaces and spaces (vehicles, hotel rooms..) based on Biodx’s active ingredient b bioactive™

As one of the world’s top 20 ranked pro cycling teams the demand to meet their fans as well as the media and guests on the Tour de France means a lot of personal interaction. With proven 99.987% efficacy against SARS-CoV-2*, b bioactive™ is a South African biotechnology developed in the new millennium and now being taken up by the market to guarantee performance against current viral and bacterial challenges. This will give the team peace of mind during these days of Covid to concentrate on their most important aim – to win races and build the Qhubeka brand. 

According to Doug Ryder, Team Principal of Qhubeka NextHash, “To remain healthy through the travel and logistics of a cycling team that moves almost every day from bikes in the outdoors to trains, planes, busses, in and out of hotels, press interviews, media briefings, partner events and engagements is a continuous stress. Partnering with Biodx as our official disinfectant provider helps us create as much as possible a sterile environment with a product that can also be used across all industries and is safe for the planet.” 

After the intense preparation and build-up world tour pro cyclists endure to compete at this level they can’t afford to get sick or damage their hands, needing the assurance that any disinfectant they use is safe. What’s really important is that these disinfectants can’t have adverse effects on their respiratory tract or on skin contact. Biodx have spent the last 16 years developing b bioactive™ from a natural citrus extract (lemon) and is one of very few disinfecting active ingredients that contain no harmful chemicals that could damage people or the environment. 

According to Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, “It’s a privilege to have an active ingredient - b bioactive™ capable of protecting athletes at the highest level of the sporting code with certainty. 

Biodx is committed to making sure the team and their extended ecosystem are able to keep their Covid bubble intact and safe, leaving nothing to chance. 

When we experienced the Team Qhubeka NextHash ubuntu in action - “I am because we are”, we felt a great business alignment as Biodx believes in individual performance with team outcomes. 

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with the Team, and to be seen with them on the biggest annual sporting stage in the world.” 

About b bioactive™

Created with the power of biotechnology, Biodx’s b bioactive™ is an active ingredient that uses citrus extract to bring you the most powerful, safe, anti-microbial, anti-viral, properties/capabilities available anywhere.

Any product displaying the b bioactive™ mark is a promise that the product will deliver the highest protection without harming you or the planet.

  • 99.87% SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) efficacy*
  • 99.999% bacterial kill rate
  • alcohol free – gentler on your hands
  • up to 4 times more effective than conventional disinfecting chemical active ingredients
  • residual efficacy – up to 7 hours
  • biodegrades to harmless CO2, N2 & H2OSABS, NRCS (SA) and NEN (EU) approved
  • safer for you and your family
  • better for the planet 


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