23 November 2020

Durban racehorse trainer suspended pending a National Horseracing Authority Inquiry into...

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Durban racehorse trainer suspended pending a National Horseracing Authority Inquiry into his alleged racist statements made on social media during the recent Diwali Celebrations

Johannesburg - The National Horse Racing Authority (NHA) strongly condemn alleged racist utterances against South African nationals of Indian descent made by a Durban horse trainer, Mr Frank Robinson, which were captured on his Facebook timeline. Mr Robinson has been suspended with immediate effect from all horse racing related activities, and an independent Board of Inquiry has been established to probe his alleged racist remarks.

Mr Robinson posted his remarks on Facebook during the recent celebration of Diwali on 14 November 2020.

The independent Board of Inquiry was set to convene today, 20 November 2020 in Durban, but has been move to next week Thursday, 26 November 2020, on request by Mr Robinson who has asked for legal representation at the hearing. The inquiry will consider if there has been a breach of the Rules of Racing.

“The Authority is extremely disappointed that one of its participants is alleged to have shared such views on a public platform. Our sport is very inclusive of all nationalities and thus a behavior that wants to remind us of the past injustice based on colour or creed will not be tolerated. As a sport, and the Authority, we respect all cultures and traditions in South Africa, therefore we do not agree with the views expressed as expressed by Mr Robinson via his Facebook,” says Vee Moodley, CEO of NHA.

“The National Horseracing Authority, as the Industry’s Regulator, does not discriminate against any person. Our Rules dictate that everyone is treated with the respect and dignity that is enshrined in our Country’s Constitution. The beauty of our Sport is that its participants include people from all racial groups, religions and cultures, from Royalty and Captains’ of Industry to the ordinary man in the street. Our Rules and our Constitution ensure that the playing fields are equal for all of the stake holders and interested parties,” says Arnold Hyde, Racing Control Executive of the NHA.

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