24 January 2024

Choose the right courier for your business. Here’s how...

Submitted by: MyPressportal Team

Last mile delivery services are expected to grow in line with the local explosion of online shopping. Consequently, consumer expectation to receive goods at leisure and on the doorstep has significantly increased. 

The courier industry is seeing more traditional brick–and-mortar companies like Makro and Game expand their e-commerce services; more home delivery services for everyday items such as groceries; as well as more small to medium-size businesses trading online. 

Most people are aware they will likely pay more for express deliveries or that larger parcels can be more expensive, but there are several other terms and conditions of which to be aware.

We asked a spokesperson from Fastway Couriers, who deliver 14 million parcels annually, about what to look for when choosing the right courier to service your business? 

Fuel levy

As the fluctuating petrol price plays havoc with wallets and business expenses equally, customers should check their courier does not include a fuel levy as a hidden cost.

Insurance cover

Be sure to not only check the amount the courier company covers in liability, but also that what you are couriering does not appear on their exclusion lists. If your parcel is lost and is on the exclusion list, you may have no recourse.

Redelivery fees

According to Fastway Couriers – who offer redelivery free of charge – for every 10 deliveries, six cannot be fulfilled¹ as either the recipient is not home or there was another logistical challenge prohibiting the drop off. Some local couriers charge for redeliveries and it is typically the sender who foots the bill.

Packaging and weight restrictions are other elements of which customers should be aware. Fastway Couriers advises that certain courier options include packaging, while others expect consumers to securely parcel their own goods. Linked to this are weight restrictions, particularly with seemingly inexpensive offers that may carry hefty costs for additional weight.

An economical option is using a courier company that offers a fixed rate for a particular size package irrespective of weight, meaning the customer can pack as much product into the satchel as possible and still know the exact amount due.

In this era of digital commerce and heightened customer expectations, selecting the right courier service makes a difference. By considering these factors, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective delivery experience. 

Source: Fastway Couriers, 30 October 2022 to 30 October 2023.