25 April 2024

What people are saying about D&D

Submitted by: Franco D’Onofrio
What people are saying about D&D

With 2024 marking the 50th celebration of Dungeons & Dragons, both newbies and old hats are more excited than ever. Since Covid, the game has increased in popularity, with people getting together at someone’s home or joining a tabletop gaming event to play and meet with other fans.

The game has reached a new peak and had entered mainstream culture with television shows like Critical Peak. Celebrities Vin Diesel, Joe Manganiello, Ashley Johnson and Judi Dench, yes Dame Judi Dench, all enjoy adventuring across lands and slaying dragons with their friends.

Here is what players say about the game:

Dungeon Master Crispin Stopforth: “The game has evolved over the years and we are now on the fifth edition. I started playing in the 80s when the rules were basic and straightforward. As other editions were released the rules became more intense. Now the rules have become more sim0plified and they are customisable. Players can adjust the rules so that thy work for the campaign. In D&D there is no need to get stifled by rules and this keeps players engaged. Things happen that players don’t expect and this makes the game more fun.”

Gamer, author and influencer Enricoh Alfonzo: “In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, I am not merely a player, but a sorcerer of boundless imagination, weaving tapestries of wonder. I think, in this, I have found my tribe, my crew, my family. I am not bound by the shackles of mundanity, but liberated by the totality of imagination. Through the flick of a dice, I am transported to realms where dragons soar upon twilight winds and ancient gods tread the earth in mortal guise.”

Gamer and influencer Ingrid Bure: “D&D's 50th anniversary is such an incredible milestone. It's amazing how much the game and the community has grown over the years and I'm so happy to be a part of that community now. I look forward to see what the world of D&D has in store for us next and can't wait for more amazing adventures.”

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