11 April 2024

The Bold Realities Doritos is Creating at Comic Con Cape Town

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The Bold Realities Doritos is Creating at Comic Con Cape Town

Doritos and Comic Con Cape Town are thrilled to announce the continuation of their groundbreaking partnership into 2024. This month, they are pushing boundaries yet again by offering fans the chance to dive into the immersive world of virtual reality (VR) gaming with the Doritos VR League – a complimentary gaming area on the Comic Con Cape Town floor where enthusiasts can enjoy the rhythm game Beat Saber like never before. 

Imagine putting on VR goggles and being transported into a digital universe where you become the controller. While this experience is exhilarating for the individual player, it also leaves spectators curious about what exactly is happening inside the game. 

This is where the Doritos VR League distinguishes itself. Located on Level 2 of the Comic Con Cape Town show floor, colossal screens display the player's perspective from a third-person angle, effectively placing them in the game for all fans to witness their prowess as potential bold Beat Saber champions. 

With Beat Saber being a very welcoming game to beginners, but also allowing pros to wow the audience with their skills – the Doritos VR League promises to be accessible experience to all calibres of gamers. 

"We're incredibly excited to introduce this innovative feature to the Comic Con Cape Town floor," remarked Carla Massmann, Show Director for Comic Con Cape Town. "Experiences like the Doritos VR League, in collaboration with Comic Con Cape Town, underscore the festival's status as a world-class event."

"Don't miss out on this spectacular, attention-grabbing activation space – we encourage all show attendees to embrace this next-level experience," Massmann added. 

Doritos and Comic Con Cape Town are delighted to offer such an accessible gaming experience, inviting individuals of all ages to participate and stand a chance to win prizes for their involvement. 

"Doritos is thrilled to once again be part of Comic Con Cape Town, bringing the immersive world of gaming to life. As passionate supporters of gaming culture, we invite gamers and enthusiasts alike to unlock the bold with our exciting activations at this year's event. Join us for an unforgettable experience where everyone can dive into VR gaming and augmented reality adventures. Let's embrace the excitement together!" commented Ntumi Kondile Brand Manager: Doritos & Fritos. 

In addition to the Doritos VR League, Doritos is also providing fans with the opportunity to engage in augmented reality experiences. 

To learn more about this exciting activation, check out https://comicconafrica.co.za/dcc/ 

Unlock your bold by participating. Embrace the excitement and join us at Comic Con Cape Town, taking place at the CTICC 2 from 27 April to 1 May. Tickets are available now starting from R190 via Howler at the following link: https://comiccon.howler.co.za/events/comic-con-cape-town-2024-81d1

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