10 May 2024

Magic: the Gathering, Universes Beyond and the Metagame

Submitted by: Franco D’Onofrio
Magic: the Gathering, Universes Beyond and the Metagame

A few years ago, a sub-brand of Magic: the Gathering, called Secret Lair, gave rise to Universes Beyond, a series that combines the gameplay of Magic with worlds, characters, and stories from other brands. The Universes Beyond decks are branded differently from regular MTG products giving them a distinct look. The most obvious feature is on the card frame, which has a triangular holofoil stamp.

Universes Beyond releases to date include Transformers, Jurassic Park, Warhammer 40,000, Doctor Who, Fallout and Tales of Middle-earth: The Lord of the Rings. Fans and newbies can look out for the following upcoming releases – Marvel, Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy.

“Magic: the Gathering takes very popular franchises and creates wonderful decks from them. The crossover is always fresh and surprising,” says Stefan Roets, spokesperson for Solarpop – distributors of MTG. “MTG's enduring appeal lies in its ability to adapt and evolve with the times. It continues to surprise and entertain, it brings people together, it sparks the imagination with its immersive play and intricate contexts; in essence it extends far beyond the confines of the gaming table.”

At the core of every card set is the game's lore-rich multiverse that spans countless planes, each teeming with its own history, inhabitants, and conflicts. These worlds invite players to immerse themselves in narratives of heroism, betrayal, and redemption. Each new set release adds fresh energy to the game, introducing novel mechanics, powerful cards, and intriguing synergies. Players eagerly examine these additions to find the next step that will reshape competitive play.

The Metagame

Central to the MTG experience is its ever-evolving metagame— everything outside of actual gameplay, which makes it a profitable collectible, even for those who don’t play. With its beautiful artwork, interesting universes and contexts, Magic has grown a sizeable following within the broader gaming landscape. Outside of gameplay is a whole ecosystem of card collection, availability, trading, buying and selling. The game also serves as a catalyst for sub-cultures, inspiring fan fiction, artwork, and entire communities dedicated to exploring the game's lore.

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