Tuesday, 06 April 2021

SLUMDAWG releases inspiring new HIP HOP Single ‘BIG DAWGS’ - A song about fulfilling your dreams and rising to the top

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SLUMDAWG releases inspiring new HIP HOP Single ‘BIG DAWGS’ - A song about fulfilling your dreams and rising to the top

Slumdawg is a notorious wordsmith with a versatile approach to rap music. He grew up in Diepkloof, Soweto and became a notable battle rap figure in his hometown before the age of 18.

He would also record songs whilst honing his craft and now has three solid EPs all released under his Black Fist Cartel label. The New Soweto dropped in 2019, followed by Here Forever and The Unlearning both released in 2020.

Slumdawg is now 22, with a much-diversified portfolio. Slumdawg is hard, smart, hungry, driven, and in touch with what the people want to hear.' His brand new single Big Dawgs is testament to that.  BIG DAWGS is a track that talks about those who don't settle for less, while fully appreciating the little that they have. The track is about those who became 'Big' Dawgs from the small acts they did. The track is about finding your power and using it to the fullest. The track is about not letting anyone or anything to lock you out of your own dreams.

SlumDawg explains – “I recorded the track at the first studio that I ever recorded at (2016) because I felt like I needed to go back where it started in order for the recording process to be as organic as possible. It took me longer to write for Big Dawgs than it did to write and record the whole 'Unlearning EP' (my most recent project) because I'd constantly change the lyrics to suit the beat's energy more". Big Dawgs is the introduction to a big career, it's a testament to a big struggle and it was created by a big mind. "Vic Beats, the producer of the song gave me the beat for free and he is actually based in Germany.

He produced more than half of my last EP and we have much more work coming out. Vic once came to SA as an exchange student when I was in high school and that's how we met. I named the track 'Big Dawgs' as an affirmation of greatness. The song is for those who are on the corner thinking of a better tomorrow, they might not think of themselves as 'Big Dawgs' but that is the mindset that I'm trying to promote. I don't want people to think of themselves as victims or vulnerable because that's what will manifest," says SlumDawg A 'Big Dawg' mentality will manifest a 'Big Dawg' lifestyle.