Sunday, 29 November 2020

Lucky makes most of a Twizza moment!

Written by
Mr4. Empty creating Twizza Spaza

Johannesburg, 29 November 2020 – One of SA’s brightest art stars, Lucky, aka Mr. Empty, was given an open space in Twizza’s Johannesburg depot and invited to make it his own. Drawing on his Soweto upbringing, Mr. Empty transformed the areas into a pseudo-spaza shop, a real Twizza moment for all to share.

Mr. Empty is a gifted artist who has worked on several local and international brands and brings a whole different game to his artwork.“As a proudly South African company, it is our pleasure to invite Mr. Empty to showcase his skill. It’s a way in which we can encourage other companies to #BuyLocal and invest in the skills and talents of South Africans,” says Lance Coertzen, Twizza’s  Head of Marketing.

Growing up on the streets, Mr. Empty has been drawing since the age of six, but it was while he was travelling on the trains through the Joburg city, that he discovered his knack and love for graffiti. He says that for him, graffiti had been misnamed, and actually deserves to be called art.“

The spaza shop theme is a great way for Twizza to pay homage to the township vibe,” says Mr. Empty explaining the rationale behind the inspiration, “the street is where Twizza is best known as it is the drink of the people. “For Twizza to choose to use my artistic skills also speak volumes about the company – it’s a great way for them to show how they as a corporate can cross the cultural divide and be known in the streets. What’s really great for me, is that through Twizza and the other brands I have worked with, I can show that graffiti is not just about spraying and defacing a surface; it’s truly about art and about making art accessible to everyone. Our galleries are the streets where we exhibit our work.”“

Lucky has captured the Twizza ethos perfectly at the depot, and really highlighted our big, bold outlook to life. Seeing what he has created, I’m sure it will encourage everyone to taste the moment with Twizza. It is also way in which we can help Mr. Empty and his campaign to shine a light on the talents of street artists.“ As a company that prides itself on our technology and innovation, we are also humbled by the talents of all South Africans, from Lucky and his artwork, to Jamie van Wyk’ who was one of the top players in the recent netball tournament which we sponsored,” says Coertzen, “all of these are Twizza moments that bring our brand to life.”