Monday, 19 October 2020

Healing broken connections with Die Uitnodiging on KYKNET

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Are there people in your family or circle of friends who do not get along? Where communication in the relationship has broken down, where parties are angry at one another? And you feel that it could all be resolved through an open and honest conversation with the help of a neutral mediator?

Well, there's a new program coming to KykNet, DSTV channel 144 on the 6 October that could help.  The Invitation is on its way and you’re invited to enter!

"In the Netherlands, I discovered a wonderful TV program with the potential to work in South Africa as well", says Cato Bekker. "It's perfect for this Covid era, where we all had to sit in our homes for months and do some introspection. Who have I hurt? Which family member is no longer talking to whom? Which of my friendships are broken, but can still be mended? ”

No stranger to the world of radio and television production, Bekker has a love for storytelling and with extensive experience both on screen and behind the scenes she’ll execute the role of presenter very successfully.

“I believe in the power of storytelling and conversation to bring context, connection and healing, not just for the guests on the show, but for the viewers as well,” says Presenter of Die Uitnodiging Cato Bekker.

How does the series work? "It all starts with someone who believes that a relationship can be fixed. He or she contacts us. Our team talks to each of the parties to find out where things went wrong. We try to get all the parties around a table to talk things out during a meal at a good restaurant - the meal is on us. We create the space and opportunity in a neutral place to talk openly about feelings, in a neutral way. It is touching to see how people's lives change when they succeed in repairing what has been broken! ”

“The reality TV genre has always allowed us to see ourselves through the lives of real people on screen, and this show is no different. Relationships are so integral to our wellness that the potential of healing some of those important relationships by seeing others doing it, is priceless.” says Cato

Should you recognize such a broken relationship in your family or circle of friends, contact us immediately. You must be a South African over the age of 21, and live in the Western Cape or Johannesburg.

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