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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 09:32

Radio Classics Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust Fundraising Event

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Radio Classics Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust Fundraising Event

The Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust is joining forces with Clarence Ford and Alistair Izobell on their virtual production of "Radio Classics". They have generously agreed to make Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust a beneficiary which means a percentage of ticket sales will be donated to the Trust. 

To buy tickets and donate to Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust:                             

  1. Go to on www.quicket.co.za
  2. In the search bar type in Radio Classics and click
  3. On the Radio Classics page, click on Radio Classics image
  4. Click on Tickets
  5. Scroll down to find Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust & purchase tickets. 

A purchase on this button ensures the Trust gets the donation.

Background to Radio Classics

Radio Classics is a musical production, that ran for 14 successful weeks at the Baxter Theatre in 2012. The production successfully merged the mediums of Radio, Music and Theatre.

In Madiba week, we urge you to support a charity when purchasing your ticket. Scroll down and view the nominated charities benefiting. Choose a charity and purchase your ticket on that charities button. 25% of your purchase price will accrue to the charity of your choice.

Radio Classics 2020 is set in COVID times, and will for the first time ever, merge cutting edge technology into an audio-visual spectacle, that will transform your lounge into a Theatre of Music, Laughs, Reflection and Wander. A "green" studio delivers the spectacle wander, while special guests bring the laughter, reflection and tears. An 8 piece band serving as the underbelly of a 2 hour showcase.

Taking Centre stage is celebrated composer, performer, director, producer and WUNDERKIND, Alistair Izobell. Alistair is one of the few recipients of the Sir Lawrence Olivier Award, for performance art. He is an established performer on the South African circuit, and beyond. As producer and director of Online Radio Classics expect his trademark, energetic and heartfelt interpretations alongside riveting guest performances from Leslie Kleinsmith, Nur Abrahams, Terry Fortune, Mujahid George and others....Alistair has stories to tell and like always, he will dazzle.

Sharing the spotlight is Radio Presenter, Clarence Ford. He shares the serendipity that enabled his dream. His adventures enroute, to finding his voice are inspiring. With 30 years of radio under the belt, and an ongoing and intense love affair with music, Clarence will reflect on CHANGE, the only constant in his life.

Music and radio have become important, social therapies in troubled times. A companion for the lonely, and a distraction from anxiety caused by uncertainty and fear.

The evening will comprise reflections on COVID 19 times, and the companionship offered by both music and radio through this time. A quality production and showcase of talent, will underpin a deeply personal sharing of time, space, circumstance and music.

A single ticket purchase enables the entire household to watch the spectacle. While you can view the production on your phone or laptop, it is advised that you connect your chosen device to your BIG Screen TV and surround sound. This will fully enable the intended audio-visual experience for the whole family.

Radio Classics 2020 is benchmark production and a first for South Africa. It will serve as a solid foundation, for all performance artists to build on. Welcome to the future of entertainment.

Now, Prepare to be Inspired!

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