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Thursday, 14 May 2020 09:04

The Rainmaker Select, an award-winning shower head from hansgrohe!

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Rainmaker Select

The Rainmaker Select is the Bentley Continental of shower heads. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s so ridiculously fancy that you want to carry it around and show it off to people on the street. Fortunately, it does not share the Continental’s price tag nor it’s exclusive clientele. This Bentley-for-your-bathroom is an award-winning product, taking home the highest distinction for outstanding design achievement in 2016: the iF Gold Award. A year before, it won the Red Dot Product Design Award as well. And it could be yours!

Why So Special?

The concept was developed in collaboration with the brilliant minds at Phoenix Design, intentionally going with the glass surface finish for its timelessness and ability to harmonise with most room designs. The chrome elements add a sense of the modern to the shower head, connecting it to the 21st century and emboldening the sensuality of the glass. In short, the Rainmaker reflects modernity and traditionalism in one bold design, despite the apparent paradox.

The Size

The Rainmaker is part of Hansgrohe’s XXLPerformance range; which means that it has a spray diameter much larger than regular showers. This is to assist in enveloping your body with the utmost relaxation and pleasure from the different sprays.


The first of three setting, Rain is as the name suggests. The water coming from the nozzle emulates rain, powerful droplets which help with effective washing of both body and hair. The Rain selection also plays its part in helping massage tired shoulders. Mostly, it offers indescribable joy in the form of feeling like you’re standing beneath a summer storm or re-enacting your favourite scene from The Notebook.


This is the option for the practical human. It is a soothing, relaxing jet of water which does the job of washing all the right bits at all the right times.


This spray type is a powerful gushing torrent, enveloping the entire body in a steady flood of water. It’s pure water indulgence at its finest.


But the perks don’t end there. The Rainmaker employs Hansgrohe’s exceptional QuickClean technology, making the job of cleaning the product an absolute breeze. Equipped with a QuickConnect bracket, the showerhead can be removed with ease for cleaning, and returned to its place with simplicity. Limescale deposits are removed with a simple wipe; leaving your shower looking as out-of-the-box as it did on day one.  


The Rainmaker comes in a white-and-chrome finish, or a black-and-chrome finish; allowing to decide which option will look the best in your bathroom.  In the words of Tom Schönherr, Managing Director of Phoenix Design, “Rainmaker Select overhead showers enhance the showering experience, making it more sensual and luxurious.” What a treat. 

hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design. 

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