19 April 2018

Let's Gang Up On The Married Couple!

Submitted by: Luxury Brands
Let's Gang Up On The Married Couple!

You know that sinking feeling as you scroll through a wedding registry and the only items still available are way out of your price range? Well, that won’t happen again with Wrapistry’s new Group Gifting feature.

Before now, any one item – regardless of cost – could be bought by only one party. With Wrapistry’s group gifting, multiple guests can contribute any amount towards a gift on the registry. This feature is especially helpful for those big-ticket items.

Wrapistry is a fully interactive online wedding registry platform that’s revolutionising the way registries are managed. Couples are no longer limited to a single store, location or price point as Wrapistry’s user-friendly, tech-savvy site currently lists more than 150 leading local and international brands, with 3 000 selected items to from which to choose – and that list is ever growing.

“Whatever you desire, we’ve got you covered,” says Jed Shein, CEO of Wrapistry. “We believe that this group-gifting feature will help our couples and guests build the ultimate wedding and gift shopping experience.” With categories for every room in your house, to experiences such as a safari or a cooking course, and the option to get cash for your honeymoon, Wrapistry has everything a couple needs.

As the happy couple, all you have to do is enable group gifting when you create your registry – it really is that simple. Then add any item, experiences or cash funds to your Wrapistry registry, mark them as group gifts so multiple family members and friends can contribute any amount towards them.

Crowd-funding for gifts? You bet! Your friends and family will love you for that – get your gift registry going today on www.wrapistry.shop.