Tuesday, 08 September 2020

Cyber insurance now offered through local company Da Vinci Forensics

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Global Insurance Broker, Marsh and Cyber Indemnity Solutions an InsurTechcompany (CIS), announce a collaboration that will enable CIS South Africa to offer its cyber security offering with CIS Insurance Broking arranged cyber insurance through local company, Da Vinci Forensics.

CIS South Africa now partnering with local cybersecurity company, Da Vinci Forensics, can offer a managed cyber security product, ‘CyberProtect 360’, that has been developed to protect and insure clients from cyber threats. Sharon Knowles, CEO at Da Vinci Forensics said ‘CyberProtect360 will cover a large gap in the South African market, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses, with an end to end security service that is designed to encompass cyber risks combined with smart and the correct cyber insurance.’ Knowles went on to say ‘While we understand that there are various, challenging aspects to cyber insurance in South Africa, we feel by combining risk management, security and insurance, through a single offering, we’ve addressed a major part of what is needed to be done to fill the gap’. The combined offering is now being rolled out to the financial services, healthcare and retail sectors and includes CIS cyber threat assessment platform which in corporates a cyber safety and education platform available to employers.

For more information on CyberProtect360 please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The insurer for the CFC Cyber Insurance Product is Certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. The information contained in this announcement provides only a general overview of subjects covered, is not intended to be taken as advice regarding any individual situation and should not be relied upon as such. 


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