Monday, 16 February 2009

Somerset West based company provides help for excessive perspiration

{pp}Antiperspirant from Somerset West stops inconvenient sweat stains.

Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, is harmless to your health when there is no pre-existing illness. But it considerably affects those who suffer from it. Clammy hands, beads of perspiration on the forehead or stains under the arms are commonly accepted as signs of insecurity and undermine self confidence.

Doctors often advise an operation to remove the sweat glands or injections with Botulinum toxin - interventions which most people shy away from. A very effective and affordable alternative is aluminium chloride, which in a soluble form has been contained in roll-on deodorant for many years. In adequate concentrations aluminium chloride works by constricting the excretory ducts of the sweat canals in the treated areas. Sweating is thus effectively regulated.

Unfortunately, many people cannot use this active substance because it can aggravate the skin and lead to burning and itchiness. Despite success the treatment is often not continued for this reason. And many others of the available products simply cannot cope with excessive perspiration. But Odaban, an aluminium chloride product, finally offers a gentle and extremely effective solution due to its unique composition. The practical spray has been used successfully in Great Britain since the 1970s. Since then it has remained the safest and most effective treatment of hyperhidrosis. Besides the basic ingredient, ethyl alcohol, Odaban also contains a silicone additive, which is used in many skincare lotions. This combination offers reliable and effective protection against not only excessive perspiration, but also against possible skin irritation. It is therefore recommended by numerous European skin clinics and dermatologists.

Since this year the company Exopacific CC in Somerset West has successfully been distributing Odaban in South Africa, and it is by now available in many pharmacies. For more information: or call 0861-ODABAN (0861 632226)

Contact information:
Exopacific CC t/a Odaban SA
tel: 0861 ODABAN (0861 632226)
fax: 086 662 2226
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