20 November 2023

Exit your Narcissistic/Toxic Person Relationship - the SOS List

Submitted by: Petro Pretorius
Exit your Narcissistic/Toxic Person Relationship - the SOS List

Exit your Narcissistic/Toxic Person Relationship – the SOS List

October 6, 2022 / By Coach Mimi / Blog / future planning, Narcissist, Narcissistic relationship, SOS List

The SOS list (reminders of why I am leaving this narcissistic/toxic relationship)

Do you need a powerful reminder of why you have left the Narcissistic-relationship, preparing to leave, or are in the process to leave it? Look at The SOS list when you are doubting or considering returning to it or worse are being love bombed.

Due to the trauma bond that forcefully attracts you back to this toxic relationship, you must have The SOS list of reasons or bad memories to remind you of why you are leaving.

( Trauma-bond def)

Requirements of the SOS reminders of leaving the list:

1. the list must be kept close by and easily accessible like on your phone, diary, or your cupboard door if safety is not an issue

2. Extract the worst memories and most important reasons why you are leaving.

3. Choose the top 10 of paragraph 2.

4. Write it in bullet points from 1-10.

5. Write 10 value-goals that you want from your next healthy relationship of any kind like:

trust, stability, to be lifted, unconditional acceptance, a safe haven, fruits of the spirit 

Rise and Radiate!

Once you rise and radiate, you can radiate the love and goodness of God to others!

Luke 1:37 – “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Coach Mimi

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