How long will our article remain on the welcome page?

When you publish a press release on our platform, it will be prominently displayed on the front page until a new release is published in the same specific category. This ensures that your news receives maximum visibility and exposure to visitors on the site.

However, even after it is no longer featured on the welcome page, your press release will still remain visible in the top 10 listings on the relevant category pages. It will be displayed alongside other press releases in that category until newer releases push it down into the links section.

Furthermore, your press release article will continue to be accessible under the specific category under which you originally posted it. It will remain in its designated category indefinitely, allowing visitors to explore your news and information at any time.

Removal of a press release

If, for any reason, you would like your article to be removed from our platform, please contact us with the following information:

  • Article title
  • Date of publication
  • Link to the article
  • Reason for removal

We will promptly review your request and take appropriate action.