Can I email my press release?

Yes, you have the option to email your press release to us. However, we highly recommend using our convenient online application for submitting press releases. The online application ensures a streamlined process and helps us efficiently manage and process your submission.

If you are already a registered user on MyPressportal, please log in to your account and utilize the press release submission features available to you. This method offers a more seamless experience, allowing you to directly upload and submit your press release through the platform.

For non-registered users or those who prefer to use our online application, we kindly request that you access the designated press release submission page on our website. Look for the online application form and follow the instructions provided. Enter the required details, including the headline, content, contact information, and any relevant links or attachments. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click the submit button to send your press release application to us.

By using the online application, you can ensure a smooth and efficient submission process, enabling us to promptly review and process your press release on MyPressportal. Whether you choose to submit through the online application or via email, we appreciate your contributions and look forward to sharing your news with our audience.