02 April 2024

Championing Africa's Conservation Heroes

Submitted by: Kaylin Van Der Vent
Championing Africa's Conservation Heroes

In an inspiring move to honour and support the unsung heroes of wildlife and marine conservation across Africa, African Secret Cream Liqueur created "The Secret Hero of Africa" initiative. This campaign is dedicated to celebrating the courageous efforts of individuals and groups working tirelessly to ensure the preservation of Africa’s rich wildlife and marine life for future generations.

As a brand deeply rooted in African heritage, African Secret Cream Liqueur is passionate about showcasing the continent's diverse culture and natural beauty. Recognizing that wildlife is an essential part of what makes Africa unique, the brand is spotlighting the remarkable stories of triumph and dedication from the many conservation heroes they had the privilege of working with.

Here are three heroes and their reasons for doing what they do:

Harry Bailey, Founder of Run for Rangers - Spearheaded by the ambitious matric student, Harry, along with his father Donavan Bailey and Mr. Chris Kingsley, Run for Rangers is an annual charity run aimed at raising funds for game rangers on the front lines of wildlife conservation. This initiative underscores the importance of supporting those who protect Africa's wildlife, emphasizing that even the smallest donation can make a significant impact. Their next event takes place on 26 – 29th of July 2024.

Kate Church, Founder of African Wildlife Vets - From school teacher to founder of a wildlife non-profit organisation, Kate's determination to make a difference in protecting and saving wildlife species resulted in her identifying an area of conservation that was underfunded and required support. African Wildlife Vets provides essential veterinary support to wildlife-protected areas and conservation organisations.

Colin Levin, CEO of Oceans Alive Conservation Trust (NPO) - This organisation has multifaceted initiatives to combat oceanic and coastal pollution through education, conservation, and community engagement. As a global non-profit, their Adopt-a-School project provides young learners with vital education on marine life. Additionally, the Oceans Alive Training Academy offers education and work experience, empowering students to support themselves and their families while contributing positively to environmental conservation. Recognizing the critical issue of plastic pollution, Oceans Alive has also launched monthly beach clean-up operations in partnership with various foundations across key coastal areas, including Durban (Umhlanga), Saldanha Bay, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and Hout Bay.

African Secret Cream Liqueur invites everyone to join in supporting these conservation heroes by visiting their website and seeing how they can offer their support. The brand believes that by bringing these efforts to light, they can inspire more people to contribute to the noble cause of preserving Africa’s natural heritage.

For more information about their campaign and partners and how you can show your support, please visit African Secret Cream Liqueur at https://africansecret.co.za/ and follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AfricanSecretLiqueur and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/africansecretliqueur/.

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