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How the small act of recycling a vehicle battery can make a massive impact on the environment

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How the small act of recycling a vehicle battery can make a massive impact on the environment

Vehicle batteries used in cars, trucks and motorcycles, have limited lifespans (which will vary depending on the brand and type of battery). Once car batteries reach the end of their life, they are 95% recyclable. This presents battery manufacturers with a unique opportunity to create a circular economy with an item that otherwise harms the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

“Our recycling initiative pays attention to the environment, and also reduces the need to mine for lead, which is a costly and destructive process,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery.

How are vehicle batteries recycled?

When the time comes to replace your car battery, it’s best to visit South Africa’s trusted battery specialists, who will assess your existing battery, and if need be, supply and fit a new battery for you. They will then safely store your old car battery before the recycling process begins.

In addition to reducing the need for lead mining, here are three additional reasons why it’s important to recycle your batteries.

  1. Reduces harmful elements in landfills
    Batteries contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and nickel, which can harm the environment if disposed incorrectly.

  2. Reduces impact on water system
    When batteries are placed in landfills, the corrosion of chemicals leach into the soil and potentially seep into the water supply. This could contaminate the water with high levels of metal, resulting in severe illnesses such as cancer.

  3. Prevents underground fires
    The chemicals in batteries could ignite underground fires, resulting in toxic fumes being released from landfills and causing poisonous air pollution.

Where to recycle your car battery

With various collection points around the country, First National Battery has made it easy to discard (and recycle) your old batteries. Drop your old car batteries at your nearest Battery Centreor contact First National Battery to find out more. Remember, by recycling your old batteries, you’re doing your part to take care of our precious environment.

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First National Battery is South Africa’s leading lead acid battery manufacturer for industries and applications ranging from automotive (including industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles), mining, railway and renewable energy to surface traction, telecommunications and standby battery solutions. Their vehicle battery solutions are trusted by all leading car manufacturers in South Africa. They produce more than 2.2 million batteries each year and export their leading solutions to more than 40 countries.  

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