01 December 2023

W-Suite hosts mentorship masterclass to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Month

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W-Suite hosts mentorship masterclass to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Month

Johannesburg, 30 November 2023 – Receiving advice and guidance from a mentor can be life-changing on the journey to make it as an entrepreneur. Irish French economist, Richard Cantillon defined entrepreneurs as “risk-takers” in the late 17th century and the sentiment stands true today. Entrepreneurs require the courage to take risks to succeed. In a landscape where female growth can be stunted, mentorship can provide innumerable advantages to both a mentor and a mentee for professional and personal growth. Mentorship also offers the opportunity to stay focused and on track towards making your goals a reality. Since its inception, the W-Suite movement has always placed importance on the benefits of mentorship and having more women in key leadership and operational roles across C-Suite organisations. The W-Suite Mentorship Masterclass aims to create a platform of devoted access for mentors and mentees.

Global entrepreneurship week is celebrated annually from 13 – 19 November, recognising and honouring the far-reaching impact that entrepreneurs have. During this celebration, pioneers and visionaries come together from across the globe to find ways to further worldwide economic growth.

To commemorate Global Entrepreneurship Month this year, W-Suite hosted an intimate mentorship masterclass that took place on Wednesday 29 November 2023 at Hotel Sky in Sandton. The session was hosted by serial entrepreneur, mentor and Founder of W-Suite, Katie Mohamed. In her address, Mohamed presented the ultimate guide on being fearless, embracing growth and evolving into the most powerful version of yourself. The masterclass also offered attendees the platform to begin (or continue) their transformative journey of self-discovery, nurturing emotional intelligence and mastering effective communication.

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The W-Suite platform was founded as a means for advocacy, dialogue, networking, and action aimed at propelling women into positions and roles that, historically, have only been accessible to men. The W-Suite platform is dedicated to highlighting women’s voices and perspectives to create a new culture where women are deservingly positioned in leadership roles in all respective industries.

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