09 April 2024

Need to light a fire under your bottom line? Use tech to light the spark!

Submitted by: MyPressportal Team

Profitroom, the global leader in hospitality technology, has partnered with HotelTime Solutions a long- established and independent software developer that has been providing state of the art cloud-based systems to the hospitality industry since 2002, to enter the African market and take hospitality to the next level.

Through this partnership, both companies plan to combine their expertise and resources to revolutionise the hospitality industry. Both organisations aim to introduce innovative and cutting-edge solutions that will enable efficient hotel management, help hotels save costs and set new benchmarks for success in the African market.

Senior Business Development Manager at Profitroom, Michael Puffett says,  “At Profitroom we understand the importance of strategic and quality partnerships. As the hospitality industry is constantly evolving, we remain committed to building collaborative relationships that assist hotels in using technology to provide outstanding guest experiences while also increasing revenue, we are delighted to share this vision with HotelTime Solutions.”

Cloud software offers numerous advantages that can enhance organisational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the fast-paced digital world of today.

Speaking after a Profitroom on Tour event earlier this month, Samantha Williams, Commercial Director at Profitroom said, “Do you remember how we all used to drive around with physical maps in the car? Now that idea is absurd. The difference between the right and wrong PMS is the difference between that ring-bound book and Waze.”

Fixing modern problems with modern solutions:

From cloud computing to centralised data, AI and scalability tech solutions have quickly become one of the best ways to make your property truly competitive. For example, cloud adoption not only enhances flexibility and scalability but also ensures data security while reducing costs—a win-win for hoteliers seeking efficiency and profitability. Meanwhile, AI can optimise various aspects of hotel operations, from room management and housekeeping to guest services and maintenance. Automated analytics provide valuable insights into guest preferences, enabling hotels to tailor their services and marketing strategies effectively.

Jan Hejny, CEO at HotelTime Solutions, one of the world’s leading PMS providers, said “Through the simple process of building out reliable technology infrastructure we can ensure consistent uptime of more than 99.97%, supported by responsive customer service. Combine that with seamless integration with platforms like Profitroom and it becomes easy to ensure a cohesive guest journey from booking to check-out.”

By integrating advanced technology into their operations, particularly through robust PMS providers like HotelTime Solutions, many hoteliers have reaped the fruits of the future. Embracing these innovations has saved them time, enhanced guest satisfaction, and ultimately driven higher revenue and profits. Much like the Nokia 3310, being resistant to change may feel familiar and perhaps a little nostalgic, but it's also the best way to get left behind.