29 February 2024

Empact Group Hosts Power-Packed Session on Marketing, PR, and Social Media for Small Businesses

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Empact Group Hosts Power-Packed Session on Marketing, PR, and Social Media for Small Businesses

Empact Group, a purpose-led, 100% South African-owned company, continues to demonstrate its commitment to empowering small businesses through its Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme. The most recent ESD training session, dedicated to the significance of Marketing, PR, and Social Media, showcased the importance of these elements in the marketing mix for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The session, held in February, featured insights and practical guidelines from Empact Group’s Marketing Department and their PR agency, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between Marketing, PR, and Social Media in business promotion. Ryan Neill, Group Head of Procurement for Empact Group, who leads their award-winning ESD programme, stated, “We deliver consistent training that centres on the critical business and financial facets of efficient business operation. Effective business management inherently encompasses adept promotion strategies – possessing a remarkable product is futile if it remains unknown to potential consumers.”

Attendees at the session, including entrepreneurs from EMEs (annual revenue below R10-million) and QSEs (annual revenue between R10 & R50-million), demonstrated a readiness to engage in promoting their businesses through Marketing, PR, and Social Media. Their eager engagement during the presentations underscores the value these training sessions bring to their businesses.

Ryan Neill further added, “The enthusiastic involvement of small business entrepreneurs highlights their recognition of the transformative power of Marketing, PR, and Social Media. These strategic avenues not only amplify brand visibility but also unlock previously untapped markets, catalysing unprecedented growth opportunities.”

Empact Group’s ESD training sessions align with their ethos of “We care. Doing right by you”, emphasising the importance of ethical business practices in every interaction. Through partnerships between business, and small enterprises, Empact Group aims to address employment and economic challenges in South Africa.

The success of Empact Group’s ESD programme is evident in the recognition received at the ABSA Supplier Development Awards. By actively engaging in the development of small businesses, Empact Group empowers them to become part of its supply chain, contributing to their growth and success.

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