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Learn how to navigate chaotic terrain like an investment pro with Clem Sunter and Scott Picken

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Learn how to navigate chaotic terrain like an investment pro with Clem Sunter and Scott Picken

Investors are battling to navigate the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, political unrest, economic challenges and even climate change.

But help is at hand; online investment portal Wealth Migrate is holding an interactive and live webinar on August 17 at 7pm South African time (6pm in London) entitled Thinking the Future – the Latest Global and South African Scenarios, featuring world-renowned scenario planner Clem Sunter and Wealth Migrate CEO Scott Picken.

Picken will interview Sunter about where both South Africa and the world more broadly are headed during these tumultuous times. There will also be a question-and-answer session, so attendees can ask Sunter their own questions about the future of South Africa and the global economy.

Sunter has spent years studying, researching and writing about the effects of significant disorder, upset, and change. The webinar will also feature a discussion about Sunter’s new bestselling book, Thinking the Future, which deals with how to cope during these unprecedented times

Picken says: “I have been following and studying Clem for more than two decades; I built a four-dimensional model on top of Clem’s scenario planning technique to help investors make more informed decisions as to where to invest in the world. Clem also wrote the foreword for my book, Property Going Global.” 

The webinar provides Wealth Migrate’s investors with an update on these models. “Come and get the 2021 view on where to from here,” says Picken.

There are a limited number of seats available for the exclusive webinar, so RSVP now and log in early on the day of the webinar to avoid disappointment.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. The various scenarios for the global economy
  2. The various scenarios for South Africa 
  3. Is there a future in South Africa?
  4. The scenarios for the global environment and how this will affect investing in the future
  5. The best place to invest now, based on your scenario
  6. The best asset classes to invest in
  7. How to move forward with this information 

Thinking the Future – the Latest Global and South African Scenarios webinar:

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