02 May 2017

From Barber to Multimillionaire!

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From Barber to Multimillionaire!

Simz D'mandla, a Multi-Millionaire Forex Trader, Born in Tembisa and raised in Midrand, Gauteng, Simz is CEO & Founder of Trade4Africa.org and The African Millionaires Den. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Forex Analyst & active trader, a Wealth Coach, Motivational Speaker, Angel Investor, Business Strategist, Philanthropist and is one of South African's youngest Self-made multi-millionaires.

Born into a middle class family, Simz explained that his family not really being well off, made him independent from a really young age. “I started my first business at the age of 7 years old. I found myself printing and selling Dragonball Z pictures because the kids around me liked it, I then Sold Shoes and Jeans, and started multiple other ventures including being a Barber” He was quoted.

The Forex Analyst and Active Trader may be young but his knowledge; ambition and faith are what makes him stand out. His interest in Trading began when he was in High School (Midrand High School) “I started trading the JSE, and by the time I was in university, I came across Mr Willem, an Old man who had been Trading for Over 20 years. I use to be a barber at a UJ men’s residence cutting the hair of close to 300 a month, and used some of the money as start up for Trading. Mr Willem took me under his wing and taught me Stock Trading. I then applied the knowledge to the Forex Market and developed my own Strategies along the way”.

Simz D'mandla he made his first million at the age of 19/20. “My mom was in tears when she found out that her son had reached his first million at such a young age, it restored new hope and belief that there's light at the end of the tunnel, he explained.

Simz is not just street smart but he obtained a Diploma in Business Management at Unisa. After gaining his financial freedom he went on to found Trade4Africa.org and The African Millionaires Den, so he could help others to achieve their financial goals through the skills he had acquired.

“Trade4Africa is Africa's leading wealth creation organizations fully dedicated in uplifting African Economies by bridging the gap between social classes, allowing people from all financial backgrounds the ability to reach financial freedom. We believe that they don't all need to be making millions, because even an extra $100 a month can make a difference. We further educate and assist people by showing them how they can use the profits they make from the financial markets to invest in other income generating avenues, and assets, such as property and business, which ultimately creates a never ending wealth generating cycle.”

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with over $5.5 Trillion. It is known for its high-risk nature, and high capital requirement this is why it is mostly traded by banks and large corporate companies. But he has simplified it and made it more affordable “Our mission is to have at least one Forex trader in every Household by the year 2020.

He was asked what does Junk status mean for traders and the rest of the South Africans?
How will the junk status affect us?

Simz response was “Most people don't take it seriously because they do not understand it.”

  1. The price of fuel will go up.
    - More usage of public Transport will be seen.
  2. Your monthly mortgage repayment will go up.
    - People who bought houses on Finance are likely to lose them when the interest rates go up.
  3. Your monthly car repayment will go up.
    - People who bought Cars on Finance are likely to lose them when the interest rates go up.
  4. The cost of coffee, olive oil, prosecco and all those imported fun things will go up.
  5. The value of your pension savings will go down.
  6. You almost certainly won’t get a bonus this year.
  7. Annual salary increases will be small, if they happen at all.
  8. You might even be retrenched.
    - Thousands may lose jobs as companies shut down.
  9. And if you remain employed, it’s entirely likely that you’ll have to pay more tax.
  10. Then if that’s not enough, expect more strikes as people get really unhappy about points 1 through 9.

How to protect yourself from it?

  1. Move your Money away from the Rand.
    - Forex Traders make Profits in Dollars and Pounds. Which helps in times of the Rand weakness..
  2. Make Money now as soon as possible -it will be harder to do so in the coming months as the Economy slows down.
  3. During recessions, the Rich get richer because they have positioned themselves correctly.
    - Let professionals show you how to do it before it's too late.

If you want to know more about their Forex Trading classes that have helped thousands of people get out of debt, create a secondary source of Income, and Wealth, you can get in touch with them on the following contacts; www.trade4africa.org/ facebook; Trade4Africa instragram; @Simz_Ceo_Dmandla