16 May 2024

HONOR Announces Android 15 Beta Program for Developers on HONOR Magic 6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2

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HONOR Announces Android 15 Beta Program for Developers on HONOR Magic 6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2

[Johannesburg, South Africa – 16 May 2024] – Global technology brand HONOR announced that Android 15 Beta 1 is now available for HONOR developers starting from May 10th. The HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2 are the first devices to receive this update. This program offers early access to the latest Android updates for HONOR developers, allowing them to test out new features and enhance the compatibility of their apps on HONOR flagship smartphones. The user experience will be much improved by the upcoming Android 15, which will include enhanced security and privacy, optimized device resource management and many more experience optimization.

Optimized Privacy and Security

With Android 15, users can safeguard their personal information with greater control in a more secure device environment. It introduces a SDK sandbox, which allows services such as advertising to be run in a sandbox, preventing third-party apps from collecting private user data. To further enhance the user's privacy experience, Android 15 introduces an enhanced Privacy Indicator with a new permissions management portal that allows users to be more aware of the status of their privacy protection, when managing and invoking permissions for features such as camera or microphone.

Performance and Power Enhancement

Android 15 continues to refine the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), which helps manage how power-intensive apps, like Gaming Apps, interact with the power system of the device, helping the device better respond to demands on its GPU, CPU, and cooling system, as well as helping apps with long-running background tasks to run energy efficiently.

Android 15 further optimizes personalized features. For instance, for photo shooting via social media Apps, the in-app cameras can now control flash intensity. Developers can use Android APIs, tools and resources provided by Google to further optimize on more personalized user scenarios.

The Android 15 Beta 1 update is now accessible for the HONOR Magic6 Pro and HONOR Magic V2. The HONOR Magic6 Pro is well-known for its magical Falcon Camera, the on-device MagicLM and the intent-based AI experience, which is a representative of the smart device sector built in the AI industry. HONOR Magic V2 on the other hand, breaks through the boundary between bar and foldable phones, and for the first time, the thickness of the foldable phone is under 10 mm, making it the world's lightest and thinnest foldable phone at that time. Additionally, both phones are guaranteed to receive 4 major MagicOS updates and 5 years of security updates for their global users.

HONOR has been proactively supporting developers in adapting and optimizing their applications for Android operating system and providing the best user experience. Now, Android 15 Beta 1 is available here for developers to improve the compatibility and development of applications for the next version of Android. HONOR will also continue to support developers with the next update to Android 15 Beta later this summer.


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