Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A One Stop Online-Marketing Shop with a Difference

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A flurry of businesses that deal with online marketing has emerged and so, it has become difficult for South African business owners to determine which company to choose and what kind of work to give them. Now, the choice is quite simple. Any business that wants to see real return on investment and value for money when it comes their online marketing requirements would do well to employ the services of 100 Degrees, one of South Africa’s most astute and results-driven digital marketing management portals. 

What’s the difference though? There are many businesses that claim they have some unique distinguishing factor that will trounce their competition, but actually do the same old tired thing, over and over again. This certainly is not true of 100 Degrees, who have built up an impressive client base already, comprising companies such as CarTrack and FaxFX. These businesses have seen real, measured results that allow them to hone their own digital marketing strategies throughout the year. 

100 Degrees has the tools to provide a comprehensive solution to any online marketing problem and can assist with elements from design and content creation, to social media management to search engine rankings. Their unique expertise in this field is made up of the skills of individuals, all of whom are passionate about digital marketing and about delivering solutions in this field that are cutting-edge, clever and that break through the boundaries of convention. 

Perhaps one of the most endearing things about the company is its commitment to learning. Every staff member admits that though his or her knowledge base is exceptional, learning is never off the table. Staff members are constantly searching trends, coming up with new and more exciting solutions for clients and devising ways of breaking through the clutter of other digital marketing companies. 

And what have their clients said about them? Some of the comments they’ve received include: 

“100 Degrees Online Marketing has boosted my companies sales in a big way”;

 “100Degrees has driven my website traffic though the roof! Amazingly simple service, love the reports!”; 

and “… you really went beyond what we were expecting.”

Every business deserves the opportunity to flourish, an opportunity that is very hard to find in this day and age of smarter, better, faster solutions that claim to break boundaries. But, as with any solution the proof is often in the results, and not a single soul can dispute the types of results that 100 Degrees has yielded for clients, and for themselves. Here’s to the online marketing hub with a difference.

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